FluoroMini is a multi-imaging system that can be used as a mini In Vivo Imaging system, a fluorescence stereo microscope, or a mini gel doc.



Mini In Vivo Imaging System

14.5 cm

11.5 cm

10 cm

$ 370 ~ 3,700

Fluorescence In Vivo Imaging

FluoroMini is available as a mini In Vivo Imaging system.
Tumorization, Stem cell, Immune cell, DDS, Plant etc.
Various applications can be applied.
If you need an image, you can use the camera to get the image and analyze.

Fluorescence Microscope

FluoroMini can be used as a fluorescence stereo microscope in conjunction with conventional stereo microscopes.
You can use the FluoroMini on a regular stereo microscope.
You can zoom in on the fluorescence-labeled experimental animal tissue, Zebra fish, and fruit flies.
It is an image device that enhances image data as an intermediate step between cell level image and object level image.

Mini Gel Doc

Fluorescence In Vivo Imaging
Fluorescence In Vivo Imaging

FluoroMini can be used as mini Gel Doc.
You can check the DNA band in the DNA gel by using EtBr replacement reagent such as NEOgreen, and you can obtain the image by using the camera.

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FluoroMini Blue, Blue channel (GFP, FITC, Cy2, Alexa488…)


FluoroMini Green, Green channel (RFP, Cy3, dsRed, mCherry…)


FluoroMini Red, Red channel (Cy5, Cy5.5, DiD, Alexa647…)


FluoroMini NIR, NIR channel (Cy7, ICG, DiR, Alexa749…)


FluoroMini Light, for DNA gel

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